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*FREE* Sew Serendipity : Fresh and Pretty Designs to Make and Wear download pdf

*FREE* Sew Serendipity : Fresh and Pretty Designs to Make and Wear download pdf

Kay Whitt,: Sew Serendipity : Fresh and Pretty Designs to Make and Wear

Sew Serendipity : Fresh and Pretty Designs to Make and Wear


Lay it out, cut it out, sew it up, put it on! Kay Whitt of Serendipity Studios proves that all you need to re-make your wardrobe are a few key things: Great fabric, easy-to-make patterns, a handful of simple skills, and your own personal sense of style! Use Sew Serendipity to create a fresh, new look. * Included in the book are tissue pattern inserts for the skirt, tunic/dress and jacket--each with 6 variations detailed in the book. 3 basic patterns x 6 variations = 18 ways to show off your skills and style! * Kay provides the master instructions for each basic garment, and individual instruction for each unique look. Once you master the basics, changing it up is a snap! * Each clothing pattern is graded in seven sizes (bust: 32-44; waist: 24-36; hips: 34-46) from XXS to XXL. Use the "Custom Fitting" section of this book to learn how to measure yourself and adjust the patterns to get the best possible fit! * Embellish your designs to match your style, whether you're feeling the need for classic, tailored elegance, or you're in the mood for a little ruffled whimsy. Kay's simple embellishments make it a breeze to adapt your design to the look you want. With Sew Serendipity, you'll find out how to lay out the pattern pieces, cut them out and sew them up. All you have to do is put them on and strut your stuff!

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Author: Kay Whitt,
Number of Pages: 128 pages
Published Date: 30 Jul 2010
Publisher: F&W Publications Inc
Publication Country: Ohio, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781440203572
Download Link: Click Here


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